beauty for the table


The other day I was desiring to be surrounded by a bit of beauty, and what better place to display such beauty, than on our dining room table.

It was late afternoon when this desire arose within me. I wasn’t wanting to leave  home to make a trip out to the store, nor was I really wanting to spend any money to purchase something beautiful.

So I decided to take a look around the house and see if there was anything I could use to create what I desired.

In our kitchen cupboard, I found a tall, slender mason jar. I also found a spool of twine in a drawer. Then I spied some beautiful blooms on the bougainvillea that sits on our patio, they were a shocking pink.

I tied some twine around the mason jar, filled it with water and arranged a few cuttings of the bright pink flowers.

I was excited because it was looking good, though I knew that it still needed something more, so I returned to our back patio.


I clipped two small branches from our dwarf lemon tree that were filled with green leaves and one small bunch of fresh sage leaves.  I figured these things would add a little pop of color to the mix.


I placed the arrangement on a wood round that I already had at home and added a cute set of little white bird salt and pepper shakers (I should mention that the wood round cost $10 from Michael’s and the shakers cost $1 from the Dollar Tree. Who says beauty has to cost big bucks?).

Every time I’d walk by our dining table, and every time I’d glance over at this centerpiece, I’d think, “ahhh God, thank you for beauty!”  My soul was being blessed.

The next time you’re sensing desire within, I encourage you to take a look around, to see what you already have and to create some beauty of your own. I just know you’ll be blessed.


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