a european adventure

My husband and I were blessed with a big, fat, huge gift at the beginning of summer.

A two-week trip to Europe that included travel through Italy, France and Switzerland.

When we were single, we each hoped that one day we’d be able to share in a trip to Europe with our future spouse. We’re so grateful God fulfilled those hopes, providing us with this European adventure to do together (and after only two years into our marriage!).

We enjoyed just being with one another, seeing the sights and taking in the incredible beauty of each place. But what we took to the most, you guessed it, was the food.

We ate our way through each country (and no, there’s no shame in admitting that!), feasting on an abundance of super delicious eats.

Our meals included, but were not limited to, fresh pasta with pesto, porcini mushroom pizza, slow-roasted veal, marinated artichokes, seafood risotto, double espresso, french baguette, brie cheese, almond croissants, swiss fondue, schnitzel, swiss chocolate and plenty of gelato.  I even tried pan-seared bull steak in Provence, a local favorite.

We sorted through our photos after arriving home, and discovered that over half of them were of food!

I thought it fitting, since this is a food blog and all, to share a few. I hope you enjoy, and that they inspire and bless!











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6 responses to “a european adventure

  1. Lauren Turner

    Looks amazing (and delicious)! So happy you guys were able to go! Looking forward to hearing details.

  2. Oh my stars, I’m waaay too (embarrasingly) out of touch with you. Did not know about this trip! We’re pondering one ourselves…do you have an itinerary you could forward me? Would be so curious how yall laid out your trip and might just copy you. xo

  3. Bronwen

    Y U M!!! I love these pictures and your posting them. xo

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