chocolate cake and competitive baking

A few weeks ago, my beloved Artist Way lady friends and I gathered together for an evening of chocolate cake (thus the crazy face).

It was actually an evening of competitive baking, a bake-off if you will.

Lara and I came up with the idea.

It came together one night as we were talking birthdays, and of course, cake.

Lara was convinced that she had the best recipe for chocolate cake while obviously I was convinced that I did.  It was then that we knew we needed to have ourselves a little bit of a culinary showdown.

We asked the AW ladies if they’d be willing to taste test the different chocolate cakes.  Each one responded with an emphatic yes, and we set a date.

What started out as a competition between only two chocolate cakes, somehow turned into a competition between five chocolate cakes.  Yikes!

Lara and I placed a small slice of each cake on a plate for the women to taste and then critique.

My best friend (and talented photographer) Elizabeth of course came with camera in tow.  She snapped some fabulous shots of our evening together.

This beauty was one of the cakes that was part of the tasting.  Amazing, isn’t it?!

Are you wanting the recipe for this cake?  Care to hear a little more of the story? Hoping to peek at some more photos?  Curious to discover what cake was crowned winner?

Then click on this link, Best Chocolate Cake at Elizabeth Ray Photography, and you’ll find what you’re looking for!



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