herb-infused water

One of my favorite summer beverages has been herb-infused water.

It’s a simple beverage.

All one has to do is fill a pitcher with filtered water, a handful of ice cubes, a few slices of lemon or lime and fresh herbs.  All of the ingredients flavor the water quite nicely, making it delicious and refreshing.

I’ve made basil lime water and lemon mint water, and I’m proud to say that all of the herbs came from my very own garden.

One of my summer desires was to plant a herb garden.  Since I’ve always found great delight in using fresh herbs when I cook, especially basil, I wanted to have them at my fingertips (and because you know, herbs can be so expensive and once bought can go bad so quickly).

On the morning of our one year anniversary my husband surprised me by taking me to our local nursery.  He brought me there so that I could pick out whatever I needed to create my very own herb garden.  I was giddy.

It didn’t take me long to decide.  I gathered small pots of basil, mint, rosemary and italian parsley, a bag of potting soil and a box of fertilizer.  A white garden box was waiting for us at home.

I had lots of fun planting the herbs but could tell, however, that planting the garden was a bit vulnerable.

I could already tell how much I hoped my garden would survive and thrive.  I mean, we’d just spent a good amount of money purchasing all of the components, a good amount of time putting it all together and it felt like I was taking a big risk.  What if it didn’t work?  What if my garden didn’t thrive or even survive?  In my mind, if that were so, what a failure this would all be and such a waste.

Luckily Kyle was there to gently remind me, “No Linds, it won’t be a waste because nothing in life is ever wasted, and even if they don’t make it you’ll just have to try again.  Big deal, right?!” (Gosh, he’s a good man!).  My heart was put at ease.

So then I prayed.  I told Jesus about my hopes for my herb garden, asked Him to help it grow and to help me know how to take care of it.  I just love that God is a God who’s concerned about and cares to hear about all of the little details of our lives, even herb gardens.

I’m pleased to say that my garden is growing by leaps and bounds.  I’ve had herbs to use all summer.  Kyle even made a sign for me.  I just love that this simple little thing brings me such joy.

I’d like to encourage anyone out there who’s ever thought of planting a herb garden but hasn’t.  You should go ahead and take the risk, it’ll be well worth it I promise.

I do hope you get to create some herb-infused water of your own and if you do, please let us know what amazing combinations you come up with!


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  1. Lilly Lawrence

    Linds , I love herb infused water , oil , chocolate … I guess I love just about anything infused with herbs . I’m going to plant an garden too . It just makes sense . Thanks !
    Love you , Aunt Lilly

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