french toast with peaches

For me, summer wouldn’t be summer without enjoying a meal of french toast with peaches, and I don’t mean for breakfast.

I eat this meal for dinner (learning from both grandma and mom who made it for dinner during summer months).

As a kid, and even now as an adult, it’s so fun to experience this wacky, upside down way of eating.  I think everyone should try it at least once in their lifetime!

Mom would purchase a carton of eggs, a loaf of fluffy white bread and a plastic bag filled with juicy, ripe summer peaches.

She’d beat the eggs, add a little of this and a little of that, coat each piece of  bread with egg mixture, throw it in a skillet and cook until golden brown.

She’d pile a few slices on each plate then we’d top them with a generous scoop of sliced peaches and powdered sugar.

I’d help too on occasion.

I got such a kick out of watching the egg batter slowly drip down each slice of bread, back into the bowl, before placing it into the sizzling skillet.  I made sure each slice got exactly the egg it needed and no more.  I didn’t like how any extra egg left to hang on the sides of the bread would cook in the pan and get all crispy.  It just wasn’t delicious in my opinion.

This meal was always so simple and tasty, and especially so on a hot summer night.

A few months ago, while driving home one afternoon,  I spied a storefront sign that read ‘Paris Baguette‘.   As you can imagine I got super excited.  I mean I’d just discovered a french bakery in my neighborhood (and if you know anything about where I live, this is a miracle).

Upon arrival home, I hopped on the internet.  I couldn’t wait to check out the menu and read all about fresh-baked croissants, baguette and coffees.

I have to admit that after my research, I was a little deflated.  I discovered that it was a French Korean bakery.  Maybe its just me, but the idea of a red bean curd croissant just doesn’t sound as scrumptious as a chocolate filled one.

Just before I was about to surrender all hope, a friend made mention of this bakery.  She told me it was good and that many Koreans enjoy French pastry, so much so, that they actually go to France to learn the craft.  I changed my mind and decided it was worth a try.

It was quite impressive!

While looking around,  I came upon a most incredible loaf of white bread called Quick Bread.  Butter’s infused into the bread so that after toasting there’s no need to butter, you just grab and go.   I knew instantly that I needed to use it for french toast with peaches.  I purchased it and did just that.

That evening Kyle and I devoured plates of this life-changing french toast.  We kept raving bite by bite!  It was melt in your mouth goodness, and I’m positive it was all because of Quick Bread from the French Korean bakery.

Please forgive me for being so quick to judge.  As the familiar saying goes, never judge a book by its cover, and boy, did I learn my lesson!

I do hope you get to enjoy!

French Toast with Peaches

(Please forgive for no real measurements, use as much of each as you like!)

4-5 Eggs
Splash of milk
Dash of cinnamon
Touch of vanilla
6 slices of bread
3-4 peaches
Powdered sugar

Beat eggs, milk, cinnamon and vanilla in a shallow square or rectangular container.  Place one slice of bread in the mixture, flip, cover other side with mixture.  Hold bread over container to let excess egg run off.  Heat skillet on medium.  When hot, add touch of butter and place bread in skillet.  Cook just until golden brown, flip and cook other side until golden brown.  Top with sliced peaches and sprinkled powdered sugar.



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6 responses to “french toast with peaches

  1. Lilly Lawrence

    Linda , I loved it that you posted Gramma’s and your Mom’s recipe . I also loved your creativity in everything you do . I made some baked French Toast for G&G . We had a Brunch . I baked the peaches w/brown sugar and cinnamon . I drizzles the whole thing with the sauce of Greek yogurt and honey . The sweet and sour taste was so , so good . You can substitute honey with Agave Nectar , and use it on all kinds of fruit .
    Can’t wait to see you all . Love you !

    • Lilly
      Lovely! Yes, I know;) Thanks for the encouragement and the tip for another twist on this deliciousness! I hope I get to eat some of your goodness when we are in WI! I can hardly wait to be there, so fun and so looking forward. One day I am going to have to feature you on this blog because I think everything you do is amazing! xo

  2. Lilly Lawrence

    Sorry , don’t know how Lindsay became Linda? You know , I know your lovely name .

  3. Cathy Wayman

    Sounds divine!! No better fruit than peaches for the summer – warm peaches are so good too. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to try! xo

  4. susie

    is there a need to comment? you know how i feel about this….YUMMMMM!

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