kitchen gatherings

It’s begun again, kitchen gathering.

I’m going to host my fifth Kitchen Gathering on Wednesday, September 28th in my new home.  I’m super excited.

Our new space is lovely, and it’s afforded me one of the biggest kitchens I’ve ever had!

If you’ve never been to one before, I highly recommend it.

Here’s what people are saying about their experiences at my Kitchen Gatherings:

“Lindsay has a special gift for cultivating safe space and welcoming curiosity in the kitchen.  If you’re intimidated or unsure of the culinary world  – Lindsay is the kitchen whisperer.  She can soothe any worries away with her down-to-earth style of teaching and relating to guests.  If you’re seeking a cooking lesson or simply want to enjoy a gourmet meal – you must check this out!  You will leave with a full stomach and an even fuller heart.”

“Going to Lindsay’s for Kitchen Gatherings is like going home for me – sitting around the table and enjoying good food in great company with an added bonus of learning new things – always a great time!”

At a Kitchen Gathering, you’ll gather with me in the kitchen and around a table, to watch, learn and be inspired.

Each gathering always includes a beautiful table, delightful crowd, various cooking demonstrations full of helpful hints and many delicious eats.

My gatherings combine two passions of mine  — cooking and teaching.

I so enjoy cooking, but teaching also makes my heart come alive (I was an elementary school teacher for three years and now I teach junior high).  It’s a gift God has placed within me and that’s why I love it so much.

At a gathering, I share with you what I know.  I also learn from you.  I have an open table policy.  At anytime in the evening, anyone is free to share with the group what they know because truth is, everyone has something to offer.

I promise, time spent at a gathering will both inspire and bless.  To view a more full invitations, please click on this link,  Set a Simple Table.

If you’re interested in attending my next Kitchen Gathering, then please email me at to reserve your spot.


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  1. abbie

    I’m interested!!!! But unfortunately thousands of miles away. Proud of you, Linds.

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