kat’s quiche

I guess I really do like quiche.

I’ve blogged about it twice now, I seem to think about making it quite often, and I’m going to feature it at my next Kitchen Gathering in March (where we’ll enjoy breakfast for dinner).

Katherine Harris, one of my fabulous roommates, makes a mean quiche.

Evidently, Kat’s secrets for a really delicious quiche came from her mother.  Kat grew up enjoying her mom’s quiche, which her mom is really well-known for.

Kat’s mom and auntie were here for a visit in January, and Kat wanted to make dinner for us all.  She decided to surprise her mom and make quiche.

A quiche Lorraine with bacon, onions, swiss cheese and mushrooms.

We also enjoyed oven-roasted asparagus and green salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  I made Ghiradelli brownies for dessert.

It was quite the meal.  The quiche was incredible!  It was so full of flavor.

For her quiche, Kat uses any quiche recipe she finds on the internet and adds three secret ingredients to make it her own.

The first thing she adds is additional eggs.  No matter what amount of eggs the recipe calls for, Kat always adds two more eggs to that number.   It makes it nice and fluffy.

The second thing added is a whole packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dressing (dry mix) to the beaten eggs before she pours them into the dish.  It adds delicious seasoning and flavor to the quiche.

Lastly, she places sliced mushrooms on the top of the quiche before baking in order to add a lovely decorative touch.  The mushrooms brown quite nicely and add a tasty element.

The quiche was so good, that Elizabeth proposed we create a quiche a week at our house for the rest of the year.  Although this sounded like a really good idea, and Kat did make another quiche the next week for dinner, we’ve failed to carry out this plan.

I’ve told myself not to worry though because in a few weeks, I’ll be creating quiche yet again at my Kitchen Gathering, and you’re all invited to join!

It’s Wednesday, March 30th 6:45-9, at my home in Costa Mesa.  If you’re interested please email me at snyder7991@gmail.com to receive details and reserve your spot.

Kat, thanks for being such a lovely roommate and for sharing your secrets with us all. Love you sweet friend!



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2 responses to “kat’s quiche

  1. Nicole

    It’s a quiche plague…:) hahaha

  2. Huh – I’ve never thought of using hidden valley ranch – what a great idea!

    I love quiche – I usually make one and bring it to work for my breakfasts for the week – so good!

    Good luck with your party!

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