a kitchen gathering

I’m taking another step.

A step of faith.

I’ve decided to host my first ever, Soul Food: A Kitchen Gathering, at the end of this month at my home in Costa Mesa.

I want to provide a space for others to gather with me in the kitchen to watch, learn and be inspired.

It’s something I’ve been dreaming about for quite some time.

About 7 months ago a dear friend of mine, Miss K, and I met at Panera to grab a cup of coffee and catch up.  I was telling her about my passion and love for food and cooking and describing for her what I dreamed and hoped to do with it, when a magazine article popped into her head.

She’d just read an article about a woman in La Jolla who was already doing something very similar to what I hoping to do, and she had to share it with me.

I could sense God was up to something here, so when I got home I found the full article online and read it.

Jodi Abel is a woman who hosts cooking classes in the kitchen of her ocean view home in La Jolla, CA.  She started hosting them several years ago and they were such a hit, that today it’s become La Jolla’s number one tourist attraction.  Many of the class attendees are international visitors to the United States.

Jodi’s had no formal cooking or kitchen training.  She’s a person who’s simply passionate about food and cooking and wants to pass that along to others.

I also visited her website, La Jolla Cooks 4 U, and was so inspired.

I was moved to contact her by phone.  I shared my story, my dreams of cooking and gathered some wisdom.  It was a good conversation.  She blessed what I was wanting to do.

Around the same time, Kim Powell, another dear friend of mine and fellow foodie, shared with me that she was going to take a risk and host a class called Farm to Feast.  It too was something she’d been thinking and dreaming about for quite some time.

Kimmy’s inspiration is a woman named Jules Blaine, who hosts a kitchen experience once a month in Los Angeles, CA called Renaissance Mamas.  I visited her website as well and was again, super inspired.

Inspiration and hope were swirling all around!  It’s as if the Lord were using these things to say, “Don’t give up hope Linds.”

My heart came alive at the thought of hosting my own kitchen gathering.  I mean if these women in La Jolla, Los Angeles and Newport Beach have one, then why couldn’t I in Costa Mesa have one as well?

So there you have it, that’s how this all started.  I’ve not given up hope and I’m taking a risk.

My first kitchen gathering will be Thursday, October 28th at 6:45 in the evening, and guess what, it’s already full. I’m hosting a second gathering Friday, October 29th at 9:45 in the morning and spots are still available.

If you’re interested in attending then please view the full invitation at,  Soul Food A Kitchen Gathering, and let me know.

Live deliciously!  I do hope to see you in the kitchen!



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8 responses to “a kitchen gathering

  1. Kristen


    I’m so excited for you and to see what God’s going to do! Also…ummm…you’re so freaking cute with your hair and awesome apron…wherever did you get it?! 🙂

  2. giddy for you! i think pumpkin should be your key ingredient! (:

  3. Miss K

    Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Wow, I am humbled that I even got to play a small part in this Linds!! So so exciting 🙂 And I love the fact that you reached out to the woman in LJ for more insight and inspiration 🙂 May God bless this and make it a success!! Love you so…and hope I can make it to one of these!!

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    I just found our about your blog and I was very honored to be mentioned. I had no idea you wrote about Lajollacooks4u and I most certainly remember speaking to you. Congratulations on your new venture. How are your gatherings going? From what I can see on your blog it looks like you are doing great. Lets talk sometime, please email me your phone numbers and you can find mine on my web site. My business is really growing and we are doing some very new exciting packages. I am currently in the process of updating my web site and hiring a marketing person. So we are very excited about 2011. When you in San Diego please phone me, I’d love to have my fellow “foodie” over for coffee. Wishing you all the best in happiness and success all in good health in 2011. Keep following your passion, it looks like you ARE HAVING A BLAST!!

    Kudos to you,
    Jodi Abel

    • Jodi
      I am so excited that you were able to read how your adventure inspired me to my adventures! Thanks for the feedback. The gatherings are going well. I have my third gathering this Jan. 27th at my home in Costa Mesa. I am learning that they are all going to be different in their own way, but that each one is special and am having such a blast planning and doing them! We will see what’s in store! It’s super exciting all that is happening for you too. I’d love to grab coffee sometime with you. I will be heading down to San Diego, hopefully at the end of the month, to visit a friend and will contact you before to see if it works to meet up. Bless you in 2011! Lindsay

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