mediterranean marinated flank steak


It’s my new favorite word.

I use it to describe just about anything and everything these days.  In fact, it’s the perfect word to describe the meal I made Saturday night.

Elizabeth, my roommate, and I hosted a small group of friends at our house for an intimate birthday gathering and I was the cook. At the end of the meal Elizabeth said to me, “Wow Linds, out of all the meals you’ve ever made me, this one by far is my most favorite.  It’s the best!”.  Oh, how delicious!

The meal consisted of marinated, grilled flank steak, creamed corn au gratin, a green salad with apple, avocado, sugared almonds and balsamic vinaigrette, fresh-baked french bread and butter and a bottle of red wine.

I should note that the food was so good, we devoured it straight away and didn’t have the chance to snap any photos before hand. The photos in this blog are all post enjoyment, but hopefully even in that state, they’ll inspire you!  (My friend and talented photographer, Christine Smith took the photos).

Flank steak is one of my most favorite cuts of red meat. It’s absolutely amazing. I grew up eating it as a child, it’s what my mom and dad would prepare and serve at special occasions and gatherings at our house.

My mom was in charge of marinating the meat overnight and my dad was in charge of grilling it to perfection. Once finished, it was thinly sliced and served on a hot plate, topped with sautéed mushrooms and garlic.

Recently, while reading Martha Stewart Living, I came across several flank steak marinade recipes that piqued my curiosity. The marinade we used growing up was so tasty that I wasn’t sure if anything could even compare. I decided to try one anyways, because you never know unless you try, and I didn’t regret it! The flavor was incredible and the meat was so juicy and tender.

Mediterranean Marinade

Recipe taken from Martha Stewart Living, September 2010

4 garlic cloves
4 fresh rosemary sprigs, use leaves only
1 t salt
5 T olive oil
1/4 c red vine vinegar
1 t sugar
cracked black pepper

In a small bowl, mash garlic cloves and rosemary leaves together, add salt and mix. Add olive oil, vinegar, sugar and pepper and mix. Place flank steak in shallow dish or plastic zip lock bag and pour marinade over. Let marinate 4-24 hour before grilling or broiling, turning meat occasionally.

As a side, I prepared Summit House’s classic creamed corn au gratin. The Summit House is a restaurant located in Southern California. I tried this dish two years ago while dining there and loved it. I guess it’s so highly enjoyed, that they hand out the recipe to guests as they leave.

I got one and have made a handful of  times since. It’s super easy and scrumptious! It has a good balance of both salty and sweet — a touch of salty in the parmesan cheese and a hint of sweet in the sugar.

Summit House Classic Creamed Corn Au Gratin

Recipe taken from

1 lb frozen kernel corn (or use 2-3 cans of corn, drained)
12 oz of whipping cream
1 1/2 T butter, melted
1 1/2 T flour
1/2 t salt
2 T sugar
1 pinch of white pepper (or use black pepper)
3 T parmesan cheese

Combine corn, cream, salt, sugar and pepper in a pan and bring to boil. Simmer 5 minutes. Mix butter and flour together, add to corn, mix well and remove from heat. Transfer corn mixture to casserole dish and sprinkle with cheese. Place under broiler until golden brown.

I do hope you get the chance to use these recipes to create your own delicious meal!



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2 responses to “mediterranean marinated flank steak

  1. Um, yes this was absolutely indescribably delicious! I’m just glad I got to enjoy it with you!! 🙂

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