margaritas on the rocks

Ah, margaritas — such a tasty beverage, especially in summer time!

About two weeks ago my friend Charity and I had a get together.  It’d been quite some time, in fact too long, since we’d last seen one another so we made plans to meet for dinner.

I happened to be staying at a gorgeous ocean front house on Balboa Peninsula that weekend, so we decided to enjoy drinks and dinner out on the patio.

Chare drove down to Newport after a long, hard day of work and she brought with her all of the necessary ingredients to mix up some margaritas!

Upon arriving, Charity went to work.  She cut, poured, squeezed and stirred.  Her margaritas were served on the rocks. They were incredibly tasty to the palate and also very pleasing to the eye!

Charity’s Margaritas

4 margarita glasses, chilled
1 small container of strawberries
2-3 limes
1 1/2 c ice
Jose Cuervo gold tequila
Trader Joe’s margarita mixer
salt, optional

Slice 4-5 strawberries and cut each lime into quarters. Place about 4-5 strawberry slices in each glass. Fill each glass 1/2 full with ice. Fill 2 oz shot glass with Jose Cuervo gold tequila and pour into one glass, repeat for each additional glass. Fill rest of each glass with Trader Joe’s margarita mixer. Squeeze two lime wedges into each glass, toss in limes and let float. Use spoon to mix the drink from bottom up, until tequila at bottom is mixed evenly in drink. Salt rims if you like, and serve with yummy chips and salsa.

Charity is a phenomenal margarita maker. I would say she’s the queen. Her recipe is simple, but it sure makes a killer margarita.

We carried our drinks, along with a basket of tortilla chips and a bowl of salsa, out to the patio.  We sat in comfy chairs and shared stories and hearts.  Every so often a yacht or sailboat would float by, and the sky filled with brilliant colors at sunset. We couldn’t have asked for a more special evening.

For dinner, I recreated one of my most favorite salads, California Pizza Kitchen’s bbq chicken chopped salad.  It consisted of chopped romaine lettuce, black beans, corn, bbq chicken, lime and crushed tortilla chips. The dressing was made from a package of Hidden Valley Ranch. I added a dash of bbq sauce on top and a slice of lime on the side. My version was quite close to the real deal, and it paired nicely with our margaritas.

If I were to make this salad again, I would use corn that I shuck right off the cob to make it even more fresh and delicious.  I would also garnish with fresh basil, to add just a bit more flavor.

Enjoy mixing up your own margaritas and make sure you raise a glass for me! Thanks so much for such a wonderful evening sweet Chare, you sure know how to do it right!


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