a dream accomplished

I need to celebrate!

I just finished my first ever paid cooking gig.

On Saturday, July 16th I prepared light morning snacks and lunch for 20 retreat participants.  The retreat was a one-day silent retreat, Quiet Reflection, that was hosted by my friend Kristi De Vito.

My being hired to prepare lunch for this retreat was the gift of a very personal and gracious God to me.  It was such an answer to prayer.

A few months prior, Jesus invited me to open my heart to dream and hope with Him about my passion for food and cooking and how it could be used to truly bless others, as well as a way for me to make a living.  I began to vision, research make connections and put myself out there with others, and with my dreams.  It was really a vulnerable season but I was taking steps in the right direction.  It was then that I met Kristi.

Kristi does what I also do — she plans, prepares and facilitates one-day silent retreats in Orange County.  She’s been doing them for a few years now.  About a year ago, she came to the realization that she could no longer facilitate the retreat and prepare the food for it.  She decided that she’d need to find another to help with the food, and that’s where I came in.

We were having tea one afternoon when Kristi shared this with me.  I was floored.  I got really excited.  “Really Lord, really?  Could I really be the one you had in mind to do this?” I proceeded to share my hopes and dreams about food and cooking and what God had been doing in my life these last few months with her and her eyes lit up.  We both decided to pray about it.  (I should note that  at this point, Kristi had been praying for a whole year that God would provide just the right person to do the food for her retreats).

A few days later Kristi emailed me, said she had prayed about it and felt like hiring me to do the food was the right thing to do.  She felt really good about it. She was confident that I could and would prepare simple, good prayer-filled food that would bless her retreat participants, and that was exactly what I did!

It was a lot of hard work but it was also a lot of fun and well worth it!  The menu for the morning included:

fresh-baked banana bread with butter
bunches of sweet red grapes and bananas
hot coffee and tea with cream and sugar

The menu for lunch included:

chinese chicken salad with red and orange bell peppers, mandarin oranges and a tangy sesame vinaigrette
greek salad with chopped fresh vegetables, mild feta cheese and grilled chicken
french baguette slices with butter
hello dolly bars
pink lemonade and ice water with lemon slices

That morning, as I drove the food down to the retreat in order to set up and finish the preparations, I was filled with great joy and gratitude. It stuck with me throughout the day. I’m grateful to the Lord for this opportunity and for His provision. I hope that this is the start to many more!

If you’re interested in having me prepare simple, good prayer-filled food for a retreat, Bible study, private dinner party, baby or wedding shower or any other small gathering, then please contact me at abidendavine@gmail.com.  I would love to be a part!



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8 responses to “a dream accomplished

  1. cathy

    love love love it! you ARE the perfect one for the job, what a blessing and a gift. i join you in celebrating… cheers!!

  2. kyle

    You are so gifted Lindsay and anyone just has to look into your eyes (go ahead people, look at her picture) to know that your presence is as satisfying and fulfilling as your food. That’s what makes what you do unique. I admire you. Keep doing what you do best. Follow that big heart of yours.

  3. abbie

    I’m so proud of you, Lindsay Snyder.

  4. Yaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhoooooooooo…….LOVE IT! more to come, i just know it.

  5. Amy G

    I’m so thrilled for you, Lindsay! You so clearly hear God’s calling….

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