inspirations and zucchini blossoms

Inspirations.  We all have them.

One of my inspirations is Kimmy Powell.

Kimmy is a dear friend of mine whose a cooking aficionado, or at least in my book she is.  She’s studied cooking in Italy, she’s super creative when it comes to food and the kitchen and cooking brings her great joy and pleasure.  I’ve made mention of her in previous blogs, but wanted to feature her in this blog because of who she is and what she’s doing.

Kimmy is a woman who follows her dreams.  She’s courageous.

About two months ago, Kimmy created and began to host a cooking experience called, Mamas in the Kitchen: Farm to Feast.

Kimmy’s desire is to create an environment, that’s both relaxing and enjoyable, where women can watch and learn how to create simple, fresh dishes and be pampered along the way.

Upon arriving, each woman has a place set for her at the kitchen’s counter.  The counter is adorned with fresh fruits, raw nuts, cheeses and fresh-baked bread.

Kimmy begins the time by reading a short grace, and then immediately gets busy steeping hot tea for enjoyment.  Along the way Kimmy creates five to six different dishes, right in front of your eyes, for all to try. She usually finishes with a sweet treat!

Most of the ingredients are purchased from the local farmer’s market, so they’re all fresh and mostly organic. Each dish seems to get better and better as time passes and by the end, all bellies are pleasantly full.

At the last Mamas in the Kitchen: Farm to Feast, Kimmy taught us how to make fried zucchini blossoms.  I’d never tried them before.  I mean, who knew you could use that part of the vegetable to cook and eat?!  We devoured them instantly.  They were fresh and hot.  They literally melted in our mouths.

Fried Zucchini Blossoms

6 zucchini blossoms
1/2 c flour
1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper

Lightly coat blossoms and place directly in a hot pan with 3 T of olive oil or canola oil. Cook 3-4 min each side or until golden brown.  Salt to taste and add lemon if you like.

Kimmy also created a colorful pasta dish with homemade walnut pesto. The pesto was super easy to make and so full of flavor. The entire dish was mouth-watering.  It was so good, that after we’d finished all of the pasta, we found ourselves scooping up the remaining pesto with pieces of fresh french bread.

Walnut Pesto

Combine the following ingredients in a Cusinart:

2 c walnuts
1 clove of garlic
1/2 to 3/4 c parmesan cheese, grated
Olive oil, drizzle in until it forms a paste

If using with pasta, reserve 1/4 c to 1/2 c of the pasta cooking water
and stir in 3-5 T of pesto, then toss with the pasta.  Garnish with fresh parsley and parmesan cheese.

There’s no need to take notes, in fact Kimmy doesn’t even want you to, she wants you to just sit back, relax and enjoy the time.  She sends a follow-up email that contains all of  the recipes for the dishes she prepared that day so you can try them at home.

Kimmy hosts Mamas in the Kitchen: Farm to Feast once a month at her home in Newport Beach. If you’re interested in attending, please feel free to contact her for more information at

Kimmy, thank you for being such an inspiration!  I’m grateful for you and I’m grateful that God created you the way He did…fearfully and wonderfully.  Bless you my sweet friend!

**All photography was done by Elizabeth Boocks. You can see more of her work on her website Random Photo of the Day.



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4 responses to “inspirations and zucchini blossoms

  1. Lindsay–You have a knack for ‘setting the table’ so to speak on food preparation and enjoyment in your blog. I want to jump in. I am intrigued at where this may go…

    And Kimmie, just another reason to miss you and your beautiful hospitality. LOVE IT! (and that you are doing this…)

  2. Kris10

    Oooh…fried zucchini blossoms are a traditional Roman antipasti. They stuff them with cheese and they’re oh so good!

  3. lebsox

    Let me know when the next one is! I want to come!

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