who i am

Recently, I visited other foodie’s food blogs.  I looked at all of the food blogs on my blog roll (which you’ll find on the right side of this screen), and they’re all really incredible. They’ve got some great recipes, beautiful pictures, and fun stories to share.  You should check ’em out!

Because of this, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about who I am, who I’m not and what people want.

This is some of what’s come from my free-write journaling:

I like real butter, real sugar and all-purpose white flour.  I sometimes eat dessert after both lunch and dinner.  I don’t buy organic, cook gourmet or create dishes that are low in calorie or low in fat.  I like eating the real deal!

I like eating potato chips with sandwiches.  I eat salads but enjoy what many others may call, the not so good foods.  I don’t want to use wheat flour for health or agave nectar instead of sugar.  I’d rather have a few bites of the real deal than a huge amount of something that tastes like saw dust.

Questions bubble to the surface.  If this is me, will you want it?  Will you want what I have to offer?

People in this world go to farmers markets, cook with ingredients that are fresh and organic and use words like quinoa, arugula and heirloom.

Many Californians are really into health, count fat and calories, are all about freshness and eat things like baked kale (which I recently tried and did find to be very delicious!).

More questions come.  Where do I fit?  Is it OK to be me?  If I don’t cook or bake organic, gourmet or 100% healthy will you eat what I create?  Will you want me?

I want to convince you that what I do is good, it’s what I know and it’s all I’ve got. I promise you, it WILL be good. I’m good.

I’m a Paula Dean in this cooking world and I hope to be OK with that, because it’s me and my creations are very delicious.

I don’t think I’m interested in sacrificing who I am in order to be someone I’m not but I am open to change as I make new discoveries. (I now believe that there is value in having both salted and unsalted butter in the fridge, and that when a recipe calls for one or the other, you should use it.)

It brings great glory to my Father in Heaven when I’m me and I bring me.  So HERE I AM world, this is who I am and who I’m becoming.



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5 responses to “who i am

  1. megan

    love, love, love it!

  2. cathy

    love you being you… bring it! and, although i do like organic, i use stevia, and i love salads, i will eat your food ANY day!!! you are a gift, you are amazing, and you are talented. 🙂

  3. Kris10

    Amen!! God created food for our enjoyment. What was one of the first things Jesus did after the resurrection? He ate a meal with His disciples. We give food too much power in terms of restricting and labeling. Food is food. That’s all it is. It’s not good or bad. We can enjoy it for what it is…and what it is is yuummmyyy. (This coming from the girl in Italy!)

  4. and this is why i love your cooking and baking (and why i love you. bring on the real deal!

  5. Kaitlin

    YES! Agreed. Who doesn’t love just a good old fashioned home-cooked meal, no matter what’s in it!! I certainly won’t hold back my taste buds from the utter enjoyment…

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