a journey of food

I’ve always been on this journey.

I’ve always loved food, enjoyed food and my family’s always been about food.

These are some of the things I remember:

Bomma’s heart-shaped pancakes and molasses cookies, grandma Cynie setting the table each morning for breakfast, toasted brown berry bread with homemade strawberry rhubarb jam, O and H almond kringle, cocktail hour with whisky sours and farmers cheese and crackers, corn flake potatoes at Easter, grandpa Joe’s nightly bowl of ice cream, Kewpee burgers with crinkle-cut  french fries

grandma Margie’s love of glazed doughnuts paired with a cup of hot coco, stuffed white fish, grandpa Wickert’s gin and tonics, homemade popcorn with real butter and salt

traditional holiday breakfast ring, cheese fondue on Christmas Eve, Dad’s turkey gravy, Mom’s cinnamon apples with pineapple cream cheese filling, hearty sandwiches at Beyond Bread, Megan’s chocolate chip cookies made with loads of cinnamon and vanilla and receiving loaves of Kristen’s tasty walnut zucchini bread via mail while away at college.

I come from a rich heritage.  My love for and interest in food has always been there. At one point in my life, I even considered going to culinary school but then chose against it.

This year, a dear friend of mine who is also a very talented, creative and passionate foodie gave me this journal for my birthday.

Her gift has invited me to go even deeper on this journey.  I carry with me much, but I also long to explore the new possibilities that will give me the opportunity to create an unknown and unfamiliar pièce de résistance.

So far, it’s been my goal to try at least one new recipe a week and then record my findings in this journal.

And, I’ve done it.  It’s been a delightful experience.  I’ve even gotten to share many of my creations with others and we’ve all been blessed by the process. I look forward to sharing my discoveries with you. Welcome to the journey friends!



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4 responses to “a journey of food

  1. abbie

    I’m so proud of you. And look forward to gleaning much wisdom from your journey and shared recipes!! Thanks for your courage to do this, Linds. I love you.

  2. girl…cook & bake away and please ship! when will you be fed-exing your creations?

  3. Hi Lindsay,
    What a great idea to blog about your own passion about food , how we feel about it , how we feel when we are preparing it …. You’re a smart young woman. But, we always knew that. I am so looking forward to read your blog and try your creations. Good luck ! Love you , Lilly

  4. Kris10

    Hey sister!

    This is so fun! I love that you’re linking to recipes! Send me something delicious!!! I was going to make tiramisu this week. I’ll send you the recipe.

    Love you!!

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