your soul is in the food

I happened upon a book today while I was at the public library and I decided to check it out.  It’s entitled, Notes on Cooking: A Short Guide to an Essential Craft, by Costello and Reich.  You can explore their website Notes on Cooking as well.

This book was penned with a desire to help both amateur and professional cooks learn truths pertaining to the art of cooking, in order to spur them on to excellence, not perfection.  I’ve only read four pages and already I’m grateful for these notes. It was written to help people like me on this journey of discovery and creation.

This nugget of truth caught my attention:

“10.  Your soul is in the food.

Twenty-four cooks assigned to the same mayonnaise recipe – the same bowls, same spoons, same eggs, same mustard, same oil, same whisks, same pepper mills, same measuring cups, same room, same time of day, same marching orders – will create twenty-four different mayonnaises.

Here’s why: All of the cooks sensibilities and emotions make a difference.  Strength, speed, rhythm, even delicacy or aggression translate to the dish.  You get different chemical results based on what you bring to the table,” (Costello and Reich, 3).

How apropos that I read this, as the title of my blog is soul food.  This means that who I’ve been, who I am and who I’m becoming all influence everything I create, even if all I’m doing is following a simple recipe.  I’m in it — in the creating and in the finished product.

And when others enjoy what I’ve created, they’re actually enjoying a part of me. I guess this is what makes it all such a thrill, but also such a vulnerability.  Wow, now there is food for thought!



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2 responses to “your soul is in the food

  1. Love it Lou! It’s a beautiful image. Mmmm…keep exploring. God is up to something here!

  2. Cath

    love it linds! makes me think differently about how i cook too – so the saying is true, the love (the person) makes it good 🙂 love getting to know you more as you explore your passions.

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