taking a step

I did it.  I took a step.  I created a blog.

My blog. A blog about food.

I must say, I’m proud of myself.  I’ve been procrastinating for quite some time, allowing fear to keep me from moving forward on this adventure.  But this is a step.

I’m excited to see what this blog will be and become.  I hope you enjoy what you find. I hope it inspires and I hope you’re blessed.



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10 responses to “taking a step

  1. amber

    I love it! Good for you! Thank you for sharing your heart with us in this way!

  2. Lauren

    i love the picture. i love you. i also love food. happy making Lindsay…..btw….i am a really good taste tester.

  3. Mom

    You know I love the pic!!! perfect

  4. Kris10

    Sister! This looks so great! I love the header…welcome to the world of blogging!!

  5. jen

    So proud of you my friend! And, what a great blog for you to delve into. Can’t wait to share food adventures in the near future!

  6. Welcome to food blogging!
    I haven’t been blogging for a long time myself, only for 6 months now, so the memory of just starting a blog is not so far away.
    Enjoy the experience of sharing. That’s what it’s all about 🙂

    • Magda
      Thanks for sending a hello, and for your words of encouragement. I checked out your blog too and I like it. I like how you put a description of what your banner picture is. I am curious to know what an ex pat really means. My sister is living in Rome and she rubs shoulders with some ex pats and have always been curious. Here is to the fun and joy of cooking. God Bless you! Lindsay

  7. Rebecca

    Saw pie…..made it that night….had to use olive oil…everyone loved it. Your blog is very nice ; photos excellent. I’m going to try another recipe July 4th!

    • Rebecca
      I am glad to hear that you all enjoyed the pie and good to hear you’ve enjoyed the blog as well. If you want to try different versions of this pie, I suggest clicking on the link in the title, early summer pie and it will take you to my friend Bronwen’s blog with more variations of the recipe. My friend takes the pictures and she is very talented! I am going to attempt to post a new entry once a week, so keep your eyes peeled! Lindsay

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